Our Commitment

At IMERSA, we value the symbiosis between nature and science. We have dedicated ourselves to developing honest and effective skincare products that are innovative yet still closely linked to the rhythm of the natural world. Inspired by and developed entirely in Italy, we harness the intrinsic properties of silk without altering them fundamentally, using modern science as a tool to emphasise and amplify silk’s beauty benefits for use in our products.

Our Story

IMERSA began as an abstract idea in 2017, when Stefano introduced Martina to the extraordinary results of his years of silk research. Martina realised that silk’s incredible natural characteristics would make an amazing foundation for an exciting new beauty brand, and after some thorough research, testing and perfecting, IMERSA was born. Though relatively new, Imersa has already created a buzz in the beauty world with our breakthrough products that deeply hydrate for incredibly happy and healthy skin, simply.

The name IMERSA, a subtle nod to the Italian root word immersione, is a reference to the small moments we devote to looking after ourselves, after which we emerge restored and refreshed. While these moments may be brief or hurried in modern life, they can still provide an opportunity for an immersive and invigorating experience that stimulates the senses.

Our Founders

IMERSA was created by Martina Gamboni, an entrepreneur and design marketing specialist and Stefano Lorenzoni, an entrepreneur active in life science technology.

Martina created a communication agency (Strategic Footprints) in 2003, and approaches this new adventure within the realm of beauty products with a sincere desire to develop a lifestyle brand that not only produces effective, wholesome products but also focuses on building relationships through original and creative content.

Stefano is the CEO of Leonardino, a biotech company that has an extensive history of working with silk for medical purposes and now aims to expand their reach into the cosmetics sector. The company is a perfect example of using science-based research of nature to develop innovative products while maintaining the typical standard of Italian excellence.

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