The Science
of Silk

Deep and continuous hydration is the foundation for beautiful, healthy-looking skin, and our new formula composed by naturally-hydrating ingredients is the cornerstone of IMERSA’s entire range.

The active ingredient of the entire range is Silk Sericin from IMERSA’s laboratories. For the first time ever, this silk protein has been extracted while remaining intact, enhancing naturally-hydrating, protective and elasticizing properties.

Silk Pt. 2

A protein of natural silk, Sericin is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. It has a long-lasting hydrating effect thanks to its unique ability to capture water and slowly release it throughout the day. Furthermore, thanks to its inherent protective characteristics, IMERSA’s Silk Sericin defends skin against external agents (such as environmental pollution, weather conditions and temperature fluctuation) making it particularly effective - while remaining soft and smooth to the touch.

Silk Pt. 3

IMERSA range is suitable for every skin type: silk is the ultimate anallergic fabric and therefore is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Clinical trials show a marked increase in skin’s hydration and elasticity and an increase in its density which leads to a significant decrease in frown lines.

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